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When Steve was 17 years old the Lord changed his life in a very powerful and dramatic way. Steve was on fire for the Lord. But after two years of walking closely with the Lord, Steve asked the Lord if he could just be a "normal teenager" for a while. The short break turned into over 20 years, but even during those years God used Steve in miraculous ways. And little did Steve know that God had a plan for his life that was even bigger than he could imagine.

In the summer of 2001, the Lord brought Steve, through a series of events, to a decision point. "Steve, do you want to live for Me or do you want to continue to live for yourself? One leads to darkness and death, the other to life and light." "I want to live for you Lord! But I can't change without your help!" The Lord heard Steve's cry and reached into his life pouring out His grace in abundance and Steve's life began to change dramatically and rapidly.

In July 2002 the Lord placed a call on Steve's life for missions. But it would be another year before the Lord would reveal that his ministry was centered on the refugee population of Guatemala.

Steve's book, "The LORD Will Provide" tells the story of his miraculous journey with the Lord in founding a new ministry in Christ, "The LORD Will Provide."

Steve and his wife Connie have four children and live in Temple, Texas.

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